...is Europe`s biggest and best- known educational touring theatre, playing to over 350.000 people per year in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Sweden and Japan.

…performs plays in English, and all players are professional actors and native speakers of English.

…performs in schools. The plays are graded to suit different levels of ability in English- very simple plays for beginners, plays on social themes for teenage audiences, and classic plays by famous authors for advanced pupils and adults.

…offers school- pupils a boost in motivation for their English studies. The plays are all entertaining and highly visual, so that even those pupils who cannot follow all the words are able to understand the story.

…provides comprehensive teachers` packs containing material for use in lessons before and after the performance.

For many pupils, White Horse Theatre provides their first experience of live theatre, and their first experience of hearing English spoken by natives- they are able to realise that the English language is a lively means of communication, not simply a dry list of grammar exercises. White Horse Theatre gives pupils the opportunity to understand English, and to laugh in English !

White Horse Theatre